Jamming again

What a ride it has been. Soon the Demola Project has lasted already three months but what have we been doing and achieving? Read and find out!


Interesting and inspiring events!

After the first Jam we have had another Jam event, a HealthHub and even a Mid-Pitch. The time truly is flying when you are putting your hard work into something valuable.

The second Jam was all about user experience, finding the right kind of meters for the right targets and creating value to your innovation. In addition we each participated in our own little workshops, where we discussed our project with other Demola Spring attendees. Getting a chance to brainstorm also with people outside of your project is incredibly valuable. You are getting opinions and ideas from people that might have totally different kind of view point to our project. Therefore, we would say that the second Jam gave us a lot of new ideas to discuss as a team.

We also had a chance to learn a lot about Demola Spring’s other health tech projects as we participated in the Demola HealthHub. Additionally we had a chance the make interesting discussions together with the experts on this field and even give a pitch about our project for the very first time. Yaiks!


Where are we now?

Brainstorming and more brainstorming. We needed to figure out what were our three focus points to truly affecting the way young adults are seeing organ and tissue donations. Nowadays world is circling around digitalization, lifelong learning and new communication channels. We needed take these account in reaching young adults. Finally we decided to focus on creating a new web page for campaigning, developing social media marketing channels and creating offline marketing possibilities.

So if the answer for reaching the young adults is more marketing and visibility, what actual is the right way to be marketing? Should it be an emotional approach, should it be a statistical one or should it be a fun way? This is the main thing we are trying to figure out at the moment. Lucky for us we were happy enough to gain a new member with very needed skills in designing. Therefore, at the moment we are designing different kind of posters with different approaches.

In addition, we have been designing a possible campaign model, contacting student organizations, creating the new web page and creating new social media sites. So it has been busy, and we still have a full month left to really change the way people are talking and thinking about organ and tissue donations. Therefore, we are still continuing on the road to saving more lives.

So all in all, it truly has been an adventure so far but we have not still reached our destination. There is a lot of work to be done but we are confident that we will more than succeed!



The project so far – jams, tendons and Tinder dates


Starting with a Demola project is like a box of chocolate. A box wrapped in duct tape, that is. You know every piece is going to taste so good but it’s such a pain to get the box open.

That being said, I think we have finally found our way through the duct tape and getting started with that Demola chocolate. It has required multiple ”so, what was it again that we’re actually doing here” type of questions, countless meetings, brainstorming, Google documents and one visit to Regea’s laboratory in Kauppi. Although now that I think about, most of these have in fact been pralines too.

So far we have done quite a bit of research about organ donation campaigns and conducted a small survey to screen the current situation in our target group. I can’t wait to get started with the actual concept developing with this good base. We have weekly project team meetings at the New Factory (bonus points for the free coffee). That’s when we think of our strategy, throw in ideas and share information we’ve found. Quite often our facilitator Ohad joins in and brings along his brilliant ideas and the voice of experience.

Sari from Regea telling us more about different transplant processes.

Every second week we meet with Regea’s representants Sari, Tiia and Jukka to discuss where we are going and what we plan to do next. They are very passionate about the importance of organ donations and it’s highly motivating to work with them on the topic.

A few weeks ago we met exceptionally at Regea in Kauppi for a playbook meeting. There we focused on the core ideas of the project by using the business model canvas. The most interesting part of the visit happened after official meeting though, when Sari showed us their laboratory and told about the hands-on work in Regea. We learnt for example that the achilles tendon can be used as a tendon transplant anywhere in the body and that cornea can be donated by up to 83-year old. You certainly learn new things in a Demola project.

Besides these project meetings and the work we do at home, there are also workshops and jams organized by Demola. These events don’t only help with figuring out how to approach the projects in general, but they also provide for inspiration that lasts for days. For example in the last jam event we did some sh*tty prototyping and learnt that innovating is kind of like Tinder – you might be dating some really nice guy but don’t stop looking for alternative options.

So, that’s a glimpse of what we have been doing the past month. Things are starting to get serious soon as we get to test some ideas in action. Stay tuned!

Rule IX – the most important thing to remember at the New Factory.