The end is in sight!

The end of the semester: Time for the exchange students to go home, for the others to start working, but more importantly, time to finish up our project!

We have worked on this project for hours and hours and tested a lot of so-called “shi**y prototypes”; a landing page, posters, social media channels, this blog, patches and so much more. And I believe we could say that we are proud of ourselves.

The Final Pitching event.

Yesterday, Sydney and Esmee presented the final pitch at the Final Pitching Event. All the teams did great, and it was amazing to watch how the other projects evolved over this semester. After chocolate cake took away a tip of the nerves, it was time for our team to take the stage. Together, we had decided that our pitch should be part of our campaign, which turned this pitch into our last shi**y prototype (at least, that is what we thought). And the pitch went well! So well, that we made it to the top 5! And this means, that we will be doing our pitch on the 23rd of May at New Factory Open! It also means that we can win 1400 euro, or, how we like to think, 482.75 beers at Mallashovi (I mean, we are students after all)! It also means, that clearly we took the right approach in this campaign. And, we have the chance to convince 350 people to sign up as an organ and tissue donor!


The pitch will be posted on our Facebook channel!

We will be adapting the pitch a little bit for this event, but the concept will remain the same. Please watch our pitch, feel free to be critical and give us comments.18600937_1104913332946662_894869866_n (2)

What came as a surprise to us, is that five Remarkable Blog Awards were giving out. And what came as an even bigger surprise, we won a Remarkable Blog Award! Thank you all for your interest in our blog and the support with our project. A shout out to Regea, our project partner, Demola, and Ohad, our facilitator, for providing us with all the tools necessary to let us grow so much during the project. We are very thankful for this.

The project

The next couple of days, we will be working on creating example posters and videos, and we will be writing a toolkit for Regea. All of this will be displayed in a toolkit, which consists of advice for the company, but also prototypes. On the 24th, this will be presented to the company and hopefully licensed. So stay tuned!




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