#askllgl about Organ and Tissue Donation: Tomorrow is Q&A Day!

During our project we were asked a lot of questions on organ and tissue donation in Finland, e.g. how can I become an organ donor or where can I get the card. In collaboration with our project partner Regea we already worked out a catalogue of frequently asked questions and answers – but we are pretty sure there are some more!

This is why we call upon you to take part in our Q&A session tomorrow (Monday) from 11am to 2pm. By using the hashtag #askllgl you can put as many questions as you want to us on our twitter channel @LLGL17 and Facebook page Live Life, Give Life 2017.

Together with Regea we will answer everything you like to know on organ and tissue donation. Moreover, we will add your questions and our answers to our existing catalogue which we will publish after the Q&A Day here at our blog and our social media channels.

We are totally excited about the Q&A Day and looking forward to your questions tomorrow! 🙂

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